GMA Construction Services are fortunate to be able to draw on over 20 years experience in Estimating and Feasibility Studies to establish the viability of your next project.

Our Estimating and Feasibility Studies are more of a way of thinking as we examine the cost effectiveness of the project and approach selected. We begin with an analysis of the estimated total cost of the project. In addition to the recommended solution, other alternatives are estimated in order to offer an economic comparison. For development projects, an estimate of labour and out-of-pocket expenses is assembled along with a project schedule showing the project path and start-and-end dates.

Our Estimating and Feasibility Studies include variable such as:
- Bills of Quantities
- Environmental Factors
- Geological Conditions
- Risk
- Costings
- Schedule Preparation
- Constructability Considerations
- Tender Preparation

The above give a brief description of our scope of operations, if you have any specific requirements that you would like to discuss, please contact us for an initial consultation.

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